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GHUNGROO with Papiha

Papiha Nandy is a very well known personality in the Broadcasting field in Northern California. For the last 30+ years, Papiha has been extremely popular due to the variety and choice she offers to her listeners and clients.

Her radio show, GHUNGROO, included segments such as "Bollywood Gupshup" which covered the latest Bollywood news, gossip and "Papiha's Corner" which provided an intellectual platform to voice controversial and current issues the South-Asian community deals with. 

Papiha's radio shows are entertaining, pleasing, and melodious. This is what the Indian and American press have to say about her:

"Papiha Nandy is a consummate professional, completely at ease with her medium and with an instinctive understanding of the listeners. She had been an engaging, intelligent, fresh and a wonderful broadcaster with a charismatic personality and super sharp wit.  She is without a doubt, at the top of her profession and having a style which has a much wider appeal than anyone in the radio and television industry in San Francisco."

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